3D-Scanning world-wide

Comprehensive knowledge of a particular installation situation is crucial not only for an accurate planning and follow-up of a construction project but also for the project completion (as-built).

We are specialized in providing our customers with a world-wide brown field service for 3D scans of construction sites or parts thereof and their analysis.

Herefore, we use the most recent 3D technology, the laser scanner Faro Focus 3D. This portable scanner combines speed with the utmost precision and is therefore perfectly suited for an exact inventory of any industrial site.

Our services comprise:


  • Discussions with the client and detailing of the paraemters required
  • Project based submittal of all required documents for the brown-field works:
      • Method Statement
      • Risk Assessment
      • All relevant documents and certificates for the laserscanner
      • Shutdown Planning
      • Country-specific travel and visa documentation
  • Implementation of all scans
  • Combination of all scans and if urgently required upload on a secure online server for direct access of the clients team
  • Preperation of intelligent and parametric 3D-models
  • Print Friendly