3D-Scan modeling

We convert all kinds of 3D point clouds into intelligent 3D models, 2D drawings and complete plant documentations.

The 3D point clouds can either be provided by our customers themselves or we detect them through the newest scan technology by means of our extensive, world-wide 3D scan service .

Together with our customers, we develop the requirements for the future model:

  • Type of required 2D/3D application software
  • Required detail density
      • Intelligent 3D model with complete modelling of all components and assemblies
      • Combination of hull model and assemblies
      • Hull model with important terminal points
      • 2D drawings of the floor plan and cross-sectional views
  • Further documentation
      • Preparation of field-drawings for modifications/alterations and service measures with strategically important dimensioning
      • Preparation of isometrics, BOMs and component catalogue
      • Deformation and critical deviation control
      • Visualisation of the model by means of 3D flights, video sequences and photorealistic walks
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